Travel Insurance

From the bucket list to the board room, Trawick ensures backpackers and business travelers can thrive in any destination. Trawick International provides award-winning travel insurance for trip cancellation, travel medical, visitors to the USA, adventure travel, vacation rental, timeshare owners, and more. Open up a world of possibilities with travel insurance that makes a world of difference.

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Group Health, Life & Disability

Comprehensive International Group Health, Life, and Disability Insurance policies designed to provide robust coverage for international teams. With flexible options and a range of benefits, our insurance solutions are tailored to meet the diverse requirements of your workforce.

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International Education

Group health insurance and tuition coverage for international schools operating outside the U.S. Global Educators Health Plan is a customizable health plan for faculty and staff at your international school. Global Tuition Insurance is an industry-first plan developed and offered exclusively by Tuman Global Solutions that continues to pay school tuition fees for students who have lost a parent.

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Student & Study Abroad Insurance

Embarking on global education? Our international student insurance has you covered. From medical emergencies to travel hiccups, we've got you covered, offering comprehensive coverage tailored to students. Study abroad confidently, focusing on your growth while we safeguard your well-being. Travel, learn, and explore – we'll handle the rest.

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IPMI for Latin America

Plan VIVA is an international private medical insurance (IPMI) plan for globally-minded clients living in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is the only IPMI plan in the market that offers you the comprehensive benefits and services required at the time of a claim and rewards you with premium discounts for being healthy and engaging in maintaining your health at the optimum level.

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Expat Health Insurance

Tuman Global Health Insurance is a customizable IPMI plan designed for expats and globally mobile individuals who are seeking healthcare coverage that travels with them. Tuman Global Health Insurance offers five levels of coverage and five geographical areas to choose from, deductible options from 500 to 5,000 USD, GBP, or Euros, and fast and easy claims processing.

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Personal Insurance

Protecting your assets is paramount. Our property and casualty insurance covers you when unforeseen events like accidents, theft, or damage happen. Whether home, business, auto, or belongings, we offer tailored coverage against damage or liability. With our comprehensive solutions, face the future confidently, prepared for any contingency that comes your way.

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Modified Vehicle Insurance

Greenlight Insurance provides cover for high-performance, cherished, collectors, motorsport, and modified vehicles in the UK. Focusing on these harder-to-place risks, Greenlight provides superior cover, service, and technical knowledge that is hard to replicate in these niche markets.

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Occupational Hazard Insurance

OccuSafe is workplace injury insurance from Trawick International that provides essential coverage for independent contractors who are injured while on the job. For businesses hiring independent contractors, OccuSafe helps protect against financial liabilities from work-related injuries or illnesses. It covers medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs, ensuring both the company and drivers are safeguarded.

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